The Scott County Chamber of Commerce held its inaugural “Love Lights a Tree,” ceremony on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. The lighting of the tree brings memory to those who have gone on, honor to those who remain, and a beautiful attraction to visitors in the community.

Members of the community gathered at the Scott County Visitor’s Center on Tuesday for the inaugural lighting of the county’s Christmas Tree.

Ben Garrett, President of the Chamber of Commerce, spoke saying the tree had two purposes. To act as an addition to the Visitors Center, and to remember those who had passed.

As the community waited for the lighting of the tree, The First Baptist Church Hand Bell Choir played Carols. Additional members of the Chamber, Sheneka Slaven and Jacob Billingsley read aloud sponsors for the ceremony, and referred to the “Love Lights a Tree” sign which listed the community members being honored and remembered as well as sponsors who made the ceremony possible.

Those honored were; Estrella Harness, Hayden Harness, Jarrett Harness, Jim Swann, Ken Litton, and Bill and Lilyan Strunk. Those being remembered were; Arnold West, W.H. Bill Swain, Bobbie Terry, Brenda Sue Lawson Massengale, Chester Roy and Maria West, Clell Reed, David Leon Thomas, Dennis Cribbett, Former Huntsville Mayor Buster Sexton, Grace Dunn, Harry Terry, Jan Burress, James Crabtree Jr, James Owens, Jimmy Ray Walker, Larry Crowley, Mary Sexton, Maynard Cross, Nellie Newport, Novella Litton, Ovia Cross and Kathy Cross Schmittling, Rev. Glendle L. and Ruby Phillips, Robert Love, Tammy Bowling, Former Sherriff Mike Cross, Velma Hutson, and Viola Posey.

The crowd held quiet for several moments to remember those community members who had passed. Christy Harness then led the crowd in a countdown to the lighting of the tree.

The Chamber is continuing to take applications and 25 dollar donations to honor and remember others on their Love Lights A Tree sign displayed beside the Christmas Tree outside the Visitor’s Center.

Sponsors for this year’s event were; Appalachian Life Quality Initiative, Associates in Eyecare, CASA of the Tennessee Heartland, Children’s Center of the Cumberland’s, Citizen Gas Utility District, D.A. Aviation, Donnie Phillips and Circuit Court Staff, Citizens First Bank in memory of Shonda Yancey, KC Graphics, Lumber King, Mark’s Family Pharmacy, Mayor Dale Perdue and Mary Ann, Scott County Dental Clinic, Scott County Family Justice Center, Sherriff Ronnie Phillips and The Scott County Sherriff’s Office, Town of Huntsville, and Tractor Supply.