The State Primary and County General Election of 2018 has the potential to bring many changes to county and state. Although some of the offices may be left undisturbed, others are certain to find new leaders.

Serving five terms as County Court Clerk, and 17 additional years prior working in the office, Pat Phillips plans to retire.

The decision wasn’t an easy one, but it came with much prayer and careful consideration. As stated in Ecclesiastes 3:1, one of Phillips favorite Bible verses, “To everything, there is a season and time to every purpose under the heaven.”

After August 2, Phillips will begin a new chapter in her life, but leaving behind her staff and the people of Scott County will be a difficult transition.

“My life has been richly blessed by being able to serve the people of Scott County,” Phillips stated. “They have touched my heart, and I hope and pray that in some way I’ve touched theirs.”

Although sadness looms around Phillips’ resolution, she knows she has made the right one. Her family is supportive and look forward to spending more time with her, as she does them. Phillips has been married for 31 years to Brad Phillips. Together the couple has one daughter, Whitney, and husband Keith and a new grandson, Tucker Levi.

During her years in the office Phillips enjoyed talking with the people of the county and understanding their problems, however missing the community isn’t the only difficult part of retiring. While working with her staff she has built lifelong relationships with them. Phillips expressed her sincere appreciation for them and gratitude for their knowledge and abilities as well as their friendship.

“I have a wonderful staff,” Phillips stated. “They are very knowledgeable in this office.

I hope whoever is elected will consider them. They are not only coworkers they are my friends.”

January 5, 2018 was the first official date to issue a petition for a county office. Felicia Hamby Bilbrey was the first candidate to pick up a petition for Phillip’s position. Bilbrey is no stranger to the Clerk’s office, having worked in the office under Phillps for six years

“When the time comes for the position to be filled, I hope that the voters take into consideration the responsibilities and dedication this job requires,” Phillips said. “. Phillips firmly believes that Bilbrey gained a strong understanding of both in her previous role as Deputy Clerk.

Picking up petitions for election as of January 9; Sheriff, Anthony Lay and Incumbent Ronnie Phillips; County Mayor, Dale Perdue; Road Superintendent, Kelvin King; Circuit Court Clerk, Ronnie Phillips; Register of Deeds, Tim Kemo Garrett, First District School Board Member, Tommy Silcox; Fourth District School Board Member, Kimberly Ross Kidd; Trustee, Jimmy Byrd; County Clerk, Felicia Hamby Bilbrey and Sandi Carson Chambers; First District Commission, David Jeffers; Second District Commission, Sam Lyles; Third District Commission, Sheila Hall Buttram; Sixth District Commission, Scott Puckett; and Seventh District Commissioner, Rick Burke.

Along with the county officers, State positions available for election are; Governor; US Senate; US House of Representatives; and Tennessee House of Representatives.

April 5, is the last day to return completed petitions to the election office for the official ballot. As of January 9, Sherriff Ronnie Phillips, Trustee Jimmy D. Byrd, Felicia Hamby Bilbrey, Donnie Phillips, Mayor Dale Perdue, and Tommy Silcox had already returned their petitions.  Candidates must withdraw by April 12.

To vote in the State or County elections persons must be registered. Last day to become registered is July 3.  Early voting dates begin in mid-July, and August 2 is the official date of the election.