AN EARLY HARVEST: SCSO seize 10 marijuana plants

AN EARLY HARVEST: SCSO seize 10 marijuana plants
The Scott County Sheriff’s Office eradicated 10 marijuana plants just 30 yards from a man’s residence in the paint rock community.
On September 17 at approximately 7 p.m. Sheriff Ronnie Phillips, Drug Interdiction Officer Keith Hawkins, Captain Dennis Chambers, and Deputy Billy Hammock began the eradication of 10 marijuana plants.
“These are some of the best plants I’ve seen,” Chambers said. He also explained that The District Attorney’s Office considers each plant, at maturity, to be worth an $800 street value, therefore the plants would be worth $8,000 on the street.
Sheriff Phillips pointed out that the 10 plants ranged in height from two to six feet, and all of them had buds.
According to Hawkins, the investigation began from an anonymous tip on July 21, 2017 which led the department to begin watching the area for marijuana growing.
“We were able to see the man go back and forth to the plants over the course of several months.” Hawkins stated. He also said that the plants had been camouflaged well and the buckets had been painted.
 “The investigation is ongoing now, but an arrest will be made by Wednesday (Sept. 20).” Hawkins said. He went on to say that the male in question was very cooperative and helped the officers dig up the plants. He said they had only been aware of eight plants, and the subject led them to two more.
“He took ownership of the plants,” Hawkins said. “The subject stated he used the plants for medicinal purposes only.”
According to the officers, the marijuana seizure may only be the first in a series of several to come.
“This is just the beginning,” Chambers added. “There is a lot more out there.”