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Woman accused of stealing medication from elderly lady




An Oneida woman is facing charges after authorities say she stole an elderly woman’s pain pills.

Jennifer Walker, 32, of Oneida was arrested Monday, October 30, and charged with knowingly exploiting an adult and theft under $500. According to an arrest warrant filed by Detective Lisa Anderson, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Walker stole 17 Oxycodone pills from a woman she had been hired to care for.

Allegedly, Walker had been working in the victim’s home on October 16, 2017, when she took the pills, which were beside of the bed, while the victim was sleeping. According to victim’s statements, Walker was seen in the bedroom that day with an antique item in her hands where the victim kept her medication. The victim reports waking up and seeing Walker at her bedside with the antique item in her hands. Walker was then asked why she was holding the item, allegedly Walker answered nervously and put the item back in its place. The victim reported the incident to another caregiver that evening after Walker had left. The pills were counted, and 17 were found to be missing.

The victim’s family also reported to police that prior to this incident, another incident had occurred the day before, during Walker’s shift. Three pills had also been found missing from the victim’s pill cups, but her family wanted to be sure before filing a report.

Nichole Judy, Walker’s supervisor, filed the police report, and terminated Walker’s employment on October 17. Walker was not licensed by the State of Tennessee, but if found guilty will be added to the adult abuse registry. Walker was released Monday on a ten thousand dollar bond. She is set to appear in court on November 1, at 9a.m.

Fall on the Mall rescheduled


Due to inclement weather the Inaugural Fall on the Mall that was scheduled for Saturday, October 28 has been moved to Saturday, November 4. The weather should be great so please come out to the Huntsville Mall and join us. We will have a booth with candy, games to play and some cool free stuff!

Welcome Home

Sgt. Spencer Chambers returns home to wife Samantha Chambers, two-year-old daughter Anzee, and newborn Xanthe.

Sergeant Spencer Chambers, US Air Force First Maintenance Squadron Metals Technician, returned home after a six-month deployment in the middle east to hold his two-month-old daughter, Xanthe, for the first time.

On October 12, 2017 Chambers landed at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia, with a warm welcome from his wife, Samantha Chambers, two-year-old daughter Anzee, and seven-week-old baby girl Xanthe.

The couple are originally from Oneida, TN, both graduated from Scott High School in 2009. Shortly after graduation they married, and Chambers the Air Force. The family then moved to Virginia where Chambers was stationed.

Samantha says she can’t forget the day the call came for her husband to be deployed.

“I didn’t think it was true, I couldn’t believe it,” she recalls. Samantha was 33-weeks pregnant with the couple’s second child, now seven-week-old Xanthe, when Chambers was deployed.

With only a 24-hour notice of her husband leaving, Samantha says she had mixed emotions. Having no family support in Virginia, she decided to temporarily move to Tennessee where the couple’s family resides.

“It’s difficult being far away from family in Tennessee so we just came home until Spencer got back,” Samantha said.

Since Chambers was stationed somewhere in the Middle East, the two had planned to facetime the birth of their daughter. Samantha says Xanthe had other plans, as her delivery went too quickly and they were unable to connect with each other in time.

Chambers was present for the birth of their first child, Anzee, and Samantha wishes he could have been there for Xanthe also. She recalls being scared without her husband there, but her family was there to comfort her.

“I was scared, and you really want the dad to be there,” she said.

Approximately thirty minutes after delivery, Chambers could see his baby girl for the first time. Samantha says she was happy to have a healthy baby, but something didn’t feel right.

“I was happy, but I just felt like something was missing, “Samantha stated.

Seven weeks later the call came that the family had been waiting for, Chambers would be coming home.

“We were so happy, but we didn’t know for sure when he would be there,” Chambers said. “We just knew it would be soon.”

Once Samantha knew her husband’s plane would be landing, the family hurried to welcome him. She remembers Chambers being the last person off the plane, and the anticipation was extreme. She describes Anzee’s reaction to her father as priceless.

“She ran through the crowd, and jumped up and gave him a huge hug,” Samantha said.

An even more amazing reaction came when Sergeant Chambers took Xanthe in his arms for the first time. Samantha says the moment was perfect, and she was happy to have her husband home to catch up on time the precious time they had missed.

“I was just so happy for him to be able to hold her,” she said. “He had missed so many little things; She was already smiling. You can’t get that back.”

The couple are now residing in Virginia with their two daughters and they are catching up on lost time. Neither are certain of when Chambers will be deployed again, but both believe it will be soon.

Chambers spent six months in the middle east in participation with Operation Inherent Resolve with members of the 27th Aircraft Maintenance Unit and the Virginia Air National Guard Airmen assigned to the 192nd Fighter Wing.

OHS District Champs


The Oneida Lady Indians had made a few trips to the district championship game, but never pulled off the victory until they traveled to Rockwood and came away with a 1-0 victory on Thursday, October 12.

The Lady Indians are coached by Grant Swain and his wife, Whitney. The pair have worked hard to build a championship team, but they work even harder building champions off the field.

“I think it all goes back to our habits,” Grant said. “If we continue to do the right  habits on and off the field, we become what we seek. Hopefully, we become good people along the way.”

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SHS District Champs

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Clays for Children raises $40,000 for children’s centers of the 8th Judicial District


On Friday, September 29, the 8th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office hosted the Second Annual Clays for Children Sporting Clays Tournament at Chilhowee Sportsman’s Club in Maryville in an effort to raise money to support the children’s centers of the 8th Judicial District, comprised of Campbell, Claiborne, Fentress, Scott, and Union counties. The event grew from 40 teams last year to 55 teams this year and featured 220 shooters. According to the Chilhowee Sportsman’s Club, this event has grown to their third largest benefit shoot. The children’s centers of the 8th Judicial District serve literally hundreds of children each year, and work closely with local law enforcement and the District Attorney Generals’ Office. “Cooperation and collaboration between all agencies is key in effectively prosecuting crimes against children. The children’s centers of the 8 th Judicial District are an essential part of the team, and we are most proud to stand with them and support them,” said 8th Judicial District Attorney Jared Effler. “From medical examinations, forensic interviews, counseling and therapy, their services help to ensure justice is served upon the perpetrator of crimes against children

Operation Fayte Two: 100 percent compliance


Operation Fayte Two concluded with 100 percent compliance, according to Scott County Sheriff Ronnie Phillips. On October 12, 2017, The Scott County Sheriff’s office began the second county sex offender registry compliance check, Operation Fayte Two. The first Operation Fayte came in June with 48 of 49 registered offenders complying. The check began around 9 a.m.Thursday, and was interrupted by a fatal crash on the State line, however officers worked till 7 p.m. and to finish the operation. During each check officers are ensuring that the offenders are living at the addresses they are registered to, driving the vehicles they have registered, and that there are no minor children in the home that shouldn’t be there. Sex offenders, regardless of their classification as violent or non violent, are required to register their address with authorities. An offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of a school, park or licensed daycare. Their vehicle must also be correctly registered. According to state law, sexual offenders are required to report annually between seven days prior to, and seven days after their birthday. Violent sexual offenders are required to report quarterly during the months of March, June, September, and December. Sexual offenders and violent sexual offenders are required to report in person within 48 hours of changing their address, employment status, or school information between reporting dates. In addition to these reporting requirements, Scott County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Ronnie Phillips plan to continue these compliance checks to ensure the sex offenders in this county are all in compliance all the time. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office conducted its sex offender registry compliance check

Dedication Honoring families and remembering victims


October 11, 2017 was a share of remembrance and honor at the Oneida City Park. The Tree of Remembrance was dedicated and Pavers of Remembrance were presented to the families of domestic violence in Scott County. The Scott County Shelter Society along with numerous other organizations, began organizing the event over one year ago when they broke ground at the park and held a ceremony titled “Grounded in Love.” One year later the event themed “Together We Heal” was a success. Many from the community and surrounding communities attended the ceremony to honor and remember families; Jack Lay, Town of Oneida Mayor, and Senator Ken Yager delivered powerful messages on domestic violence; Scott County Mayor and wife Mary Ann Perdue; Nora Monday, Executive Director for Campbell County Family Service Center; and Amber Jones, client advocate for the Scott County Shelter Society. In addition to speakers, Claudia Tillman sang a combination song, “I Will Remember You,” and “Something Beautiful”. The Tree of Remembrance was dedicated and Carl and Sherry Shafer presented pavers and a hug to the families of the victims who have lost their lives tragically to domestic violence. Judy Liming, Executive Director for The Scott County Shelter Society and Master of Ceremonies for the event, spoke with the Scott County News later in the week and said this event was to honor these families who have lost loved ones, remember them, and continue the fight to end domestic violence. The Shelter went back in time to the year 1969 and began finding these families. The Shelter then invited the families and had a paver engraved for them to be presented at the ceremony Liming also believes the ceremony was a part of the healing process for the families of the victims. Hence the theme for the event, “Together we Heal”. “Domestic Violence is a concept like none other. It takes a toll on a family, especially when there is a homicide or suicide involved. It’s just devastating, and their lives are forever changed,” Liming said. She further said, “Just to be able to hug the families, let them know they are still remembered, and even though their loved one is gone we are still fighting, that’s what it’s about.”

Huntsville gets jail


The Town of Huntsville jumped over its last hurdle on Monday night, October 16, 2017, as the Scott County Commissioners voted unanimously during their full court meeting to transfer the Old Scott County Jail to the Town for the sum of one dollar. The Scott County Commission met in Huntsville, TN, for their regularly scheduled meeting. One item on the commissions agenda was the final vote for the transfer of the Old Scott County Jail from Scott County to The Town of Huntsville. Two weeks prior, the commission had discussed the issue in the Building and Grounds Committee work sessions meeting and voted unanimously on the transfer. The topic held some discussion and Dennis Jeffers, Town of Huntsville Mayor, was in attendance to answer the commissions questions. The committee came to a decision that with the transfer of the building there would be some restrictions and inclusions to protect both parties involved and the building’s natural historical condition; Deed would have restrictive covenants to preserve Its historical condition, the county shall have the right of first refusal, current condition of the jail should be documented prior to the transfer, and the Town of Huntsville will document and report to the Scott County Commission all expenses incurred for the property that is not covered by grant funding. Jeffers spoke at the meeting saying he understood and The Town of Huntsville would have no problem complying. The committee then made a motion for the transfer and the vote to send the item in front of the full commission was unanimous. Now in front of the full commission, the motion and resolution was read aloud by Commissioner Rick Russ. The vote was again unanimous with no discussion. Jeffers spoke with the SCN after the meeting saying, “We are excited, and ready to sit down and get a plan.” He further said the town was ready to start thinking of ways on down the road for the property to pay for its utility bills, and for the county to be able to enjoy it. “We might entertain the idea of birthday parties or tours.” Jeffers said.