Carson takes plea deal

Carson takes plea deal

A man has agreed to a plea deal after being accused of running into people with his car while intoxicated at the May 2015, Trace Adkins Concert.

Billy Jason Carson accepted a plea deal last Friday December 15, in the Trails End Campground case where he had previously facing murder charges. From Clevlend,TN, Carson was a food vendor at the concert, who witnesses say was intoxicated and threatened people with his revolver before hitting an ATV, another car, and then driving into a crowd of around fifty people. During the rampage four people were injured.

Tony Farrell and his family were patrons at the concert, and victims of Carson’s rampage. 52 year old Farrell was a former monster truck driver, from North Vernon, Indiana, who was officially pronounced dead at Scott County Hospital shortly after the incident. Three others were transported to UT Medical Center, including Ferrell’s son Ethan. Farrell’s wife, Cheryl, and other son witnessed the tragedy.

Farrell’s widow later filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carson and The Trail’s End Campground requesting a jury trial and judgement that covers compensatory damages in an amount sufficient to reasonably compensate the injuries sustained.

According to that suit, Carson was angry due to his friend, Josh Baulcom, being punched to stop him from harassing and touching women without their consent. In his anger, he began the rampage with Baulcom in the passenger seat, allegedly firing his weapon near patrons. The suit claims Farrell acted in a heroic manner attempting to get the keys from the ignition of Carson’s vehicle. While in the attempt, Carson is alleged to have sped off with Farrell hanging from the window. The high rate of speed caused him to fall to the ground and get trampled beneath the heavy Toyota SUV driven by Carson.

Carson had previously claimed to Scott County Sherriff’s office Detectives that he had been drinking alcohol during the events of that night, however a blood test revealed a sedating antianxiety medication, Xanax, but no alcohol.

Carson was formerly indicted on 15 charges including criminal homicide that could have landed him life in prison, but pled out to six lesser charges of vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. Vehicular homicide carries a minimum prison sentence of eight years with a maximum of twenty years. Sentencing will be on April 5, 2018.