Daugherty named “Firefighter of the Year”

Daugherty named “Firefighter of the Year”

Eddie Daugherty, member of South Scott Volunteer Fire Department was recently named Firefighter of the Year.

Every year a man or woman is selected from the eight departments in the county to receive the prestigious honor of Firefighter of the Year. This year Daugherty was chosen out of numerous others, by Fire Chief Jared Hughett and Assistant Chief, Eddie Terry. According to Terry, Daugherty continually goes above and beyond the call of duty while demonstrating his dependability and drive to serve his community.

“When something happens, we know we can count on Eddie,” Terry said. “Over the years, he has accelerated in the department and become committed to helping the community.”

Daugherty says he became interested in firefighting around twenty-five years ago. He was assisting the department during a call in which Johnny Tate needed some help hooking the hose. One single experience has made a lifetime volunteer firefighter out of Daugherty.

“I use to run calls with the ambulance service down here,” Daugherty said. “I just happened to be there when Jonny Tate asked me to help him hook the hose. Right after that I went and signed up.”

Although Daugherty was surprised to earn the achievement, this isn’t the first time he has received it. He was also given the award after one year of service. He doesn’t necessarily believe he deserved the title, however, he’s pleased to have it.

“It feels good,” Daugherty said. “It’s an honor and a privilege, it sure is. I sure wasn’t expecting it, but I reckon they thought I deserved it.”

Daugherty plans to continue volunteering as long as his health allows. He enjoys volunteering his time to serve his community and has made lasting memories during his years. He wants to invite anyone interested to their meetings on the second Thursday every month at 7 p.m.

“It’s a great privilege to be a firefighter and serve the community,” Daugherty said. “I plan to do it as long as my health allows and the department will keep me, but we’re always looking for new blood because some of us are getting older.”