Four person accident ends in tragedy

On November 13, a Campbell County man was pronounced dead, and three others injured, after a head-on collision, on Highway 63 near Scenic Estates. According to a Tennessee Highway Patrol accident report filed by Trooper Meleah Murray, David Tackett, age 41, of Lafollette, TN, was identified as the driver of a 2005 Ford F150 in the collision. Tackett was fatally injured as a result of the accident. Tackett was not wearing his safety restraint, and according to the report, wearing the restraint could have made a life or death difference. Nora S. Pemberton age 23 of Huntsville, TN, was identified as the driver of the second vehicle, a 1997 Ford F150. Pemberton’s vehicle was also carrying two passengers; eight-month-old Shelby Smith and 52-year-old Evelyn Pemberton. The extent of the injuries to the three are not known, however, all passengers except one were properly restrained during the crash. Reportedly the accident occurred when Tackett’s Eastbound pickup, for unknown reasons, crossed the center lane colliding with Pemberton’s Westbound pickup head-on. The crash landed Pemberton’s truck on the left shoulder of the road while the impact stopped Tackett’s vehicle on the roadway. The accident closed the road, and traffic was rerouted for almost four hours, while an extensive investigation and clean up took place. Crews on the scene to help were; The Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol, East 63 Volunteer Fire Department, Huntsville Fire and Rescue, and the Scott County Rescue Squad.