Helenwood Foods robber nabbed

Authorities have apprehended a man that they believe to be responsible for robbing Helenwood Foods on January 24.

Charles Arnold, 61, was taken into custody on Friday, February 26 following an investigation by the Scott County Sherriff’s Office. According to Detective Randy Lewallen, surveillance footage and eyewitness observations were key in making the arrest.

“We arrested a man Friday afternoon on this case,” Lewallen said. “We have eyewitnesses and surveillance footage. It was really a lot of hard work and good luck.”

According to an arrest warrant filed by Lewallen, surveillance systems caught Arnold allegedly walking into the store, directly heading for the safe, and then immediately exiting the store. Eyewitnesses to the incident also indicated Arnold’s actions.

One hour after the theft occurred, Arnold dressed in the same attire, was identified by camera footage at Stone Cold Liquor store in Winfield, TN. Reportedly, Arnold was carrying a large sum of money and told the cashier he had won the lottery.

Eyewitnesses to the crime positively identified Arnold in a lineup, as the man who had come into the store, robbing the safe, and getting away with over 1,000 dollars. Arnold was also noted by authorities to be wearing the same clothing as the man in both surveillance tapes while leaving the jail after being questioned on January 24.

Arnold was charged with burglary and theft under one thousand dollars. He is currently being held without bond awaiting court on January 31.