Huntsville gets jail

The Town of Huntsville jumped over its last hurdle on Monday night, October 16, 2017, as the Scott County Commissioners voted unanimously during their full court meeting to transfer the Old Scott County Jail to the Town for the sum of one dollar. The Scott County Commission met in Huntsville, TN, for their regularly scheduled meeting. One item on the commissions agenda was the final vote for the transfer of the Old Scott County Jail from Scott County to The Town of Huntsville. Two weeks prior, the commission had discussed the issue in the Building and Grounds Committee work sessions meeting and voted unanimously on the transfer. The topic held some discussion and Dennis Jeffers, Town of Huntsville Mayor, was in attendance to answer the commissions questions. The committee came to a decision that with the transfer of the building there would be some restrictions and inclusions to protect both parties involved and the building’s natural historical condition; Deed would have restrictive covenants to preserve Its historical condition, the county shall have the right of first refusal, current condition of the jail should be documented prior to the transfer, and the Town of Huntsville will document and report to the Scott County Commission all expenses incurred for the property that is not covered by grant funding. Jeffers spoke at the meeting saying he understood and The Town of Huntsville would have no problem complying. The committee then made a motion for the transfer and the vote to send the item in front of the full commission was unanimous. Now in front of the full commission, the motion and resolution was read aloud by Commissioner Rick Russ. The vote was again unanimous with no discussion. Jeffers spoke with the SCN after the meeting saying, “We are excited, and ready to sit down and get a plan.” He further said the town was ready to start thinking of ways on down the road for the property to pay for its utility bills, and for the county to be able to enjoy it. “We might entertain the idea of birthday parties or tours.” Jeffers said.