Investigation stops meth in it’s tracks.


One man is in custody for allegedly attempting to resale methamphetamine.

On March 31, Roy Day, 63, was charged with Possession of Schedule Two Meth for Resale after authorities found over one gram of meth and $1,745 in cash. According to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Police Department Patrolman Chad Jones, Day was initially detained at Wal-Mart by Drug Agent Bill Miller for a Violation of Probation.

K-9 Officer, Toby Jeffers, arrived on the scene to assist officers. While searching Day a large bulge in the suspect’s pocket was noted. Day refused a first attempt by officers to inspect the area, smacking officer’s hands away and stating,” He didn’t have anything in there.”  The second attempt revealed a bag containing 1.084 grams of methamphetamine. Officers then searched Day’s cell phone, only to find conversations about selling drugs and pictures containing shards of meth. Day also had $1,745, which was seized.

Day is charged with Possession of Schedule Two Meth for Resale.