Jail restoration underway

The Town of Huntsville has made an enormous amount of progress in the restoration of the recently acquired, Old Scott County Jail.

The Town officially acquired the jail last October after the Scott County Commission voted unanimously to transfer the building to them. One month later, many hours of labor have been utilized cleaning and scraping paint from the walls. The lights are now working, the meter names have been changed, the gas lines have been checked for leaks, drop ceiling torn out, and the warranty deed has been registered.

“The Town is serious about restoring the jail,” Jeffers said. “We use cold rainy days to get in there and work as much as we can, while we are waiting for other resources.”

With much labor already being completed, the town is now awaiting the Morgan County Correctional Institute to come and assist with cleaning and other skilled labor jobs as needed. Next in line, the town desires to replace the windows. The heating and air units for the facility are suspect and the town is waiting to get them looked at also, as funds will allow.

Throughout the restoration project, Jeffers has been questioned on how individuals can contribute. According to Jeffers, the process is simple. A separate account has been set aside for any donations or contributions received and can be considered tax deductible as the town is a not-for-profit organization.

“A lot of people have approached me wanting to contribute, “Jeffers said. “If anyone wants to contribute, it is tax deductible, and it will go to a worthy cause.”

As the process continues, the town has begun fielding ideas to utilize the jail in the future. They plan to work with the historical society closely, to promote tourism. In addition, they plan to be able to open the doors during Fall on the Mall next October. Jeffers also has a special idea that he wants to accomplish once the building is restored and open for tourism.

“I would love to have pictures of every Sheriff that worked in the jail.” Jeffers said. “I want to have a timeline sort of display.”