Man chokes woman in her sleep

Man chokes woman in her sleep

Harry Dilts was arrested on January 25 after authorities say he choked his estranged wife in front of her children.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Detective Michelle Sexton, Dilts entered his former residence around 3:30 a.m. in search of his former wife, Jennifer Dilts. Finding her asleep in bed the attack began. Allegedly Dilts leaned over her and began choking her while their 10-year-old daughter lay sleeping beside her. The commotion awakened the child. Afraid,  the two began screaming. Mr. Dilts reportedly then dragged his victim by her throat from the bed to the outside of the home. The struggle woke up two other children inside. Finally all three of Ms. Dilts children stood witness to the altercation. After Ms. Dilts calmed her aggressor the two went inside. At this point, Mr. Dilts allegedly walked from room to room yelling, all while destroying an antique stereo and punching a hole in the wall.

The brawl continued for nearly 45 minutes before Mr. Dilts allegedly threatened to burn their house down.

The alleged tirade continued coming to a halt, but not before one last struggle. Mr. Dilts moved to the bedroom allegedly stealing Ms. Dilt’s cell phone. A more serious struggle then began between the two. In attempts to stop the violence, the children intervened resulting in bruising.

Prior to this incident, Mr. Dilts was arrested in June of 2017 for domestic violence and aggravated assault when he used a chainsaw as a weapon. Later pleading guilty to two counts of domestic violence, a class a misdemeanor, Dilts was sentenced to two years on level one probation. According to the circuit court clerk’s office, Dilts could be violated for his new charges.

Dilts was formally charged with one count of aggravated assault, three counts of reckless endangerment, and vandalism under five hundred dollars. He is currently being held on a 40,000-dollar bond with special bail conditions set; he will have no contact with the victim nor the victim’s children and not come within 1000 feet of the residence. Dilts is scheduled to be in court January 31.