Man uses juvenile to shoplift

One man has been arrested after authorities say he used a juvenile to help him shoplift from a local store.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Detective Lisa Anderson, Scott County Sherriff’s Department, Eric Chad Buttram involved a juvenile when he was allegedly shoplifting from the Family Dollar Store.

Allegedly the two entered the store near closing time, and the juvenille was used to distract store employees while Buttram collected items for shoplifting

After the store’s doors had been locked Buttram and Smith proceeded to checkout. It was then that Buttram claimed to employees he lost his wallet. As Buttram and store employees searched the store for his wallet. The juvenille unlocked the door and yelled for Buttram to hurry. The juvenille allegedly grabbed the basket filled with clothes and hygiene products while Buttram dashed out the door with a gift bag. Both individuals then jumped into a black car with no license plate and sped away.

The events allegedly took place in September of 2017, and after a thorough investigation Buttram was arrested on November 30 and charged with theft greater than one thousand dollars, contributing to delinquency of a minor, violation of state probation, and failure to appear. He received no bond and was scheduled to be in court December 6.