Meth pipeline busted

Another meth trafficking operation has been shut down, and an Oneida couple are facing felony drug charges.

Eric Potter, 33, and Latisha Dawn Chambers, 28, have been arrested and charged in what authorities call “another meth pipeline.”

According to a press release from the Scott County Sherriff’s Department, Drug Agent, Bill Miller, Oneida Police Department, and Drug Agent, Kris Lewallen, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, went to Potter’s home on Buffalo Road on October 24, in response to allegations that Potter was trafficking meth “ice” from Georgia back into Scott County.

Upon arriving at the residence, Drug Agents saw Potter standing near his vehicle door. Agents report that Potter then began fumbling in his pants pockets and they then observed Potter drop something into the car. Potter initially gave consent for Agents to search the vehicle, but withdrew his consent before the search could take place.

K-9 officer, Daniel Garrett, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, and K-9 Hacon, Scott County Sherriff’s Department, arrived on the scene to assist. Garrett notified Lewallen that K-9 Hacon had positively alerted to both doors of the vehicle.

After a search of the vehicle, officers recovered a needle in the door, a black zipped container which contained a vile of liquid morphine and a half ounce of meth “ice”. Also recovered was a set of digital scales, and several clean baggies. According to officer reports, these items are all indicative to the sale of large quantities of meth “ice”.

Officers then found Chamber at the residence inside of a camper. Chambers was noted to have an outstanding failure to appear warrant.

In addition, a search of the camper recovered several needles and bags of meth “ice”. Officers report that Chambers took responsibility for the contents found inside the camper, and further told them that she drives Potter’s car to Kentucky to get the meth “ice”, and then brings it back for both of them.

The arrest of the couple follows an arrest made on October 11, of five other individuals who allegedly were trafficking meth “ice” into Scott County. Potter and Chambers were arrested and charged with possession of schedule two, morphine, felony possession of schedule two, meth “ice” for resale, and felony possession of drug paraphernalia