Meth ring bust

Local authorities joined forces on Wednesday October 11, to break up a methamphetamine distribution ring. Their efforts prevented over 130 grams of meth from entering Scott County. Five people have been arrested in conjunction; Alicia McDonald,34, of Stearns, KY; Susan Patterson, 60, of Pine Knot, KY; Kristen Reed, 27, of Winfield TN, Joseph Rose, Somerset, KY, and Jordan Price, 26.

The operation began at approximately 8:15 pmon Wednesday after Drug Agent Kris Lewallen, Scott County Sheriff’s Office and Drug Agent Bill Miller, Oneida Police Department, received a tip from a confidential source that two females from Kentucky, McDonald and Patterson, were on their way from Kentucky to Tennessee to sell an unidentified female meth “ice”. Deputy Sarah Huckelby, Scott County Sherriff’s office and Agent Miller waited at a Winfield business where they subsequently saw the pair pull in with Alicia McDonald driving.

During a search of the vehicle, the officers found both McDonald and Patterson to be in possession of over four grams of meth as well as two sets of digital scales, several clear plastic baggies, two bags of needles, a meth smoking pipe with meth residue, and other drug paraphernalia. After interrogation by officers, McDonald stated she could call a female, later identified as Kristin Reed, living in Winfield, TN, who dealt large amounts of meth and would bring her an “eight ball” (3.5grams) of meth “ice” to the parking lot where they were. McDonald made the call to Kristin Reed, and Reed allegedly agreed to bring the “eight ball”. Reed arrived as promised with the “eight ball” that authorities allegedly found stashed in her bra. Then Reed allegedly admitted to dealing meth and led officers to her home where another 3.5 grams of meth was recovered in addition to scales and several other items of drug paraphernalia. After relinquishing the items, Reed told officers her meth “ice” supplier was in Somerset, KY, and she could have another ounce of meth delivered to her that day. Reed then called Michael Lyvers who allegedly agreed to have the meth delivered to her via Joseph Rose. Within two hours, authorities had located and stopped a gold Lincoln LS driven by Joseph Rose with one passenger, Jordan Price. Upon approaching the vehicle officers noticed Price holding a gun. Initially Price failed to obey commands from officers to put the gun down, however, Price did slowly slide the gun under the seat. Rose told officers they had only been hired by Lyvers to deliver the drugs to Reed. After searching the vehicle, officers were able to retrieve another two ounces of meth and a fully loaded nine-millimeter handgun.

After local authorities contacted Kentucky authorities, Police were on the lookout for Lyvers. Kentucky State Police did locate the suspect in Pulaski County, KY, and were then led on a 50 mile chase into Mcreary County where Lyvers jumped out of his car and took off on foot. Lyvers is still on the run and is wanted on an array of charges. Police reported finding two more ounces of meth in Lyvers car.