Not fighting alone


Brandon Morgan graduated from Scott High in May and was planning to further his education with dreams of becoming an auto mechanic and opening his own garage, but those plans have been put on hold while he fights the deadly disease known as cancer.

Brandon started noticing something was wrong shortly after graduating. He lost 37 pounds in only a month and a half. He also experienced knots on his head, numbness in his face, stomach cramps and a loss of apetite.

Brandon visited his family doctor, but his insurance would not approve a CT scan. Seven days after having a CT scan at the emergency room in Oak Ridge, he and his family were floored with the news.

“The doctor came in and told us that his lymphoma had tripled in size in only seven days,” Brandon’s mother, Candida Morgan said. “We were like, what lymphoma? He assumed we knew, so that’s how we found out Brandon was eat up with cancer.”

Candida says her, Brandon and his father, Billy Morgan, were shocked with the news.

“What can you say when it’s thrown at you like that?” she said. “He can’t figure out why he has to go through this and why it has to be him, but he’s kept a smile on his face and just went on.”

Brandon’s actual diagnoses is Burkitt’s Lymphoma and although the disease landed a vicious uppercut in the first round, Brandon has a lot of friends in his corner to help during his fight, including WWE superstar Kane (Glen Jacobs).

“He’s very tall,” Candida said. “He’s a very nice man. Brandon is a big wrestling fan, so he perks up when Mr. Jacobs comes to visit. They just talk about cars and all kinds of things.”

While it’s nice to have a WWE star in your corner, Brandon relies heavily on the support from his close friends when he gets down.

“His friends have dropped work to come visit him,” Candida said. “He has some really good friends. Zach (Fisher) and Thomas (Barnes) showed up at Brandon’s aunt’s funeral to be pallbearers because Brandon was not able to be there.”

Although Brandon tries to keep his parents’ spirits up when they get down and reassures them that he’s got this, his mom admits it can get hard sometimes.

“Everyday is hard,” she said, “People say it’s day by day, but it’s not, it’s hour by hour. Watching him fight something that you can’t help him with, you just feel helpless.”

Candida says her son has a message for everyone that loves him and is praying for him.

“I’m not giving up,” he says. “I’m fighting and I’m not going to stop fighting.”

Brandon is scheduled for one more treatment and the doctors say that the chemo is working, so for now he is staying positive and looking forward to going to school with his buddies in January.

“He wants to have his own garage, but he plans on taking time to volunteer at the Children’s Hospital,” Candida said, “He wants to go back and be there for the kids.”