Open House at Scott Extension Office, welcome new officer.


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Introducing the Newest Member of the UT-TSU Extension Scott County staff. Starting January 2, 2018 the position of Agriculture Agent and County Director will be filled by Mr. Seth Whitehouse.

Seth Whitehouse is an Entomologist hailing from the Peach State. He will soon be calling Scott County home as the ANR/4-H Extension Agent and along with his knowledge of bugs he is bringing along a love for the great outdoors. When Seth is not identifying insects or working, he spends time hiking nearby parks, kayaking, or gathering new insects for his collection. Seth has received a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Entomology with a diverse background in scientific research mostly focused on Agriculture and Sustainability. He takes pride in being known as the ‘bug guy’ and hopes to incorporate his insect expertise towards various extension programs. He looks forward to solving issues, no matter how big or how small, and will strive to provide the education and knowledge needed to help the community grow and thrive.

A reception will be held at the Scott County Office Building on January 17, 2018 between 1pm and 5pm, anyone wishing to meet Mr. Whitehouse, can come by.



January 17   1:00-5:00

Open House Reception


Come join the Scott County Extension Office as we welcome our new            County Director/ Agriculture Agent                    – Seth Whitehouse-

Feel free to drop in as your schedule allows. meet and greet.

Light refreshments will be provided.