Read to Ride Program at Oneida Elementary

Read to Ride Program at Oneida Elementary

Oneida Elementary School is taking a step forward in education and exercise for their students with the recent implementation of two new programs.

At Oneida students are given the opportunity to exercise their bodies to strengthen their minds. The Coordinated School Health Program recently began two innovative programs, “Read to Ride” and “Imagination Playground”.

The program is designed to promote physical activity initiatives which will improve academic social, emotional, and physical well- being of students. In addition, research has shown that action based learning leads to academic improvement.

In the “Read to Ride” room students are allowed to read for 20-30 minutes each day while riding stationary bikes. The Imagination Playground is an actual indoor playground designed to stimulate STEM learning, creative play, and physical activity.

After Christmas break some students experimented with the programs, but soon all students will have the opportunity on a regular basis. Assistant Principal. Jordan Sims and School Health Director Melinda McCartt collaborated on the funding and implementation of the programs. Together the funding granted was $20,000.

McCartt emphasized that the programs assist with one of the goals of the school’s coordinated health program; helping children obtain 60 minutes of physical activity breaks that will help students maintain healthy bodies and eager-to-learn minds.

Sims and McCartt are excited for the new programs, and can’t wait for all the children to try out the rooms because of the research implications for the initiative.

“Research is showing that more time in this type of Action Based Learning leads to academic improvement for all student learning styles,” Sims said.