Shonda Ellis Duncan Passes UBE

Shonda Ellis Duncan, current Director of the Scott County Shelter Society and strong Domestic Violence Advocate for Scott County continues to bring honor to her small town. In May of 2018 she achieved her Juris Doctor from Lincoln Memorial University- Duncan School of Law. She also has an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies, as well as a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

In early April she was included in one of the first groups of testers to take the Uniform Bar Exam that offers portability across state lines, which Tennessee just adopted in February of 2019. In the state of Tennessee a score of 270 is considered portable, in Alaska it is 280, therefore each state differs. There were a total of 53% who took the TN test that failed this time around and she was among the 47% who passed. A law degree is required to attempt the exam and there are 35 UBE states as of February. In Shonda’s case she not only passed, but she was one of the few who acquired the portable title, meaning if she were to transfer to another UBE state she would not have to retake the test.

Written by Taylor Jeffers