Shoplifting call turns into drug arrest

Three people have been arrested following an alleged shoplifting incident that led to the recovery of suspected methamphetamine.

On December 2, the Oneida Police Department recieved information from Wal-Mart’s loss prevention staff that three people were seen taking items from the store without paying for them. Amber Rehg,18, Jason Phelps, 45, and Jean Morgan,47 were found in the parking lot of the store as Skylar Chambers and other Officers from the Oneida Police Department descended upon them. Items recovered that had been stolen from the store were two compound bows, six arrows, field points, pliers, and two knives, found inside the purse of Rehg. The amount of stolen merchadice was estimated at 847 dollars.

During the search for stolen goods, officers additionally found, two sets of digital scales, needles, resale baggies, one meth pipe, and 20 grams of suspected methamphetamine.

Rehg and Phelps were charged with Theft under one thousand dollars, violation of the drug free school zone act, possession of schedule two for resale, and false information to an officer. Morgan was considered a fugitive from justice.