Suspect taken down by citizen

Suspect taken down by citizen

What began as a probation violation, led to a slew of additional charges after authorities say a man ran away after being handcuffed behind his back.

Christopher Owen Gibson, age 19, of Huntsville TN, has been arrested after fleeing from officers on November 17. According to an arrest warrant filed by Deputy Gordan Byrd, Scott County Sherriff’s Department, Gibson was wanted on a probation violation when he received information that Gibson was driving on Highway 456. Byrd located and stopped the alleged fugitive near Custom Greg’s on Highway 456.

According to reports, Gibson told the officer that he did not have his driver’s license on him, and gave a name of Dylan James with a social security number. Upon receiving information from

dispatch, Byrd noted that Dylan James’s picture did not match the driver, and the social security number provided was not valid.

Deputy Shane Blevins, Scott County Sherriff’s Department arrived on the scene to assist Byrd while Gibson was being handcuffed behind his back and placed under arrest for providing false information. At this point, officers say Gibson pleaded that he was not actually Chris Gibson, but really Dylan James. When authorities went to verify the story with dispatch again, Gibson went on the run with his still cuffed hands behind his back.

Blevins and Byrd chased the assailant approximately one half of a mile up a mountain until a homeowner on the other side stopped Gibson in his tracks by tackling him. By this time, Gibson had caused quite a scene alerting multiple officers to arrive for assistance.  Sergeant Paul Dean Adkins, Lieutenant Jason Pike, and Deputy Gary Chambers assisted Blevins and Byrd while Mr. Gibson was placed into custody and transported to the Scott County Justice Center.

While Gibson was only initially wanted for a probation violation in general sessions court, the escalation of the incident caused him to accrue additional charges of resisting stop frisk halt search, driving with a license (ID only), escaping custody of an officer, evading arrest, and filing a false report to an officer. Gibson was scheduled to be in court Monday November 20.