Three arrested in drug infested house

A Drug investigation conducted on November 16, by the Scott County Sherriff’s Department led to the arrest of three individuals, after authorities say they found suspected human urine and feces in addition to multiple items of drug paraphernalia and pills.

Drug Interdiction Officer, Keith Hawkins with Deputies Jerried Jeffers, Tyler Johnson, Casey Geisler, Dalton Walden, and Abby Duncan, all of the Scott County Sherriff’s Department, went to the home of Jennifer Shepherd at 110 Lafollette Circle in Helenwood, TN, to conduct a drug investigation sparked by several complaints from other residents in the apartment complex. According to the arrest warrant, Hawkins had no sooner pulled inside the apartment complex before he was confronted by more drug related complaints that directed him to Shepherd’s residence.

Upon arriving at the home, Hawkins and other officers were greeted by Shepherd. Reportedly he could view needles before even stepping inside. With drug paraphernalia in plain sight, Hawkins continued inside the residence to conduct his investigation and verify the well-being of Shepherd’s two children ages 12 and 16.

While conducting the investigation, Hawkins detained Shepherd and Shepherd’s 26-year-old son Jeramiah Levi Cox.  Inside of Shepherd’s room Robert Harold Bunn was found hiding and detained as well. The children were found and supervised by Deputy Geisler as officers continued the sweep of the residence.

Authorities say the house was found to be in poor shape, with possible human urine and feces in the floor. Throughout the house needles were found with spoons used to cook drugs, bottle lids used to shoot up narcotics, snorting straws, and a homemade marijuana can with marijuana residue in it.  In addition, a bottle of pills was found in Shepherd’s room containing a mixture of Oxymorphone, Oxycodone ten milligrams, Oxycodone 15 milligrams, and Oxycodone 18 milligrams with two needles.

After the investigation was completed, Cox told officers some of the items were his but most of it belonged to another woman whom his mother allowed to live at their residence, Kim Bowling. Cox also reportedly told officers that Bunn comes there to “mooch” Oxycodone pills of his mother, and that the snorting straws belonged to him as well. Bunn also spoke with officers, but was unable to explain why he was at the residence at the time.

Bunn was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and child abuse and neglect. Shepherd was charged with Possession of Schedule two(Opana), possession of schedule two (Oxycodone 15mg), possession of schedule two(Oxycodone 18mg), possession of schedule four, child abuse and neglect, reckless endangerment, and 25 counts of drug paraphernalia. Cox was charged with possession of schedule two(Opana), possession of schedule four, possession of drug paraphernalia, and reckless endangerment. Upon arriving at the Scott County Justice Center Shepherd received more charges as she carried in 25 oxycodone pills in her purse without notifying officers prior to her entrance.