Town of Huntsville focusing on growth

The Town of Huntsville now offers a lot to its citizens, and many are beginning to see that.

According to Mayor Dennis Jeffers, growth in the Town of Huntsville has been stagnant for some time, but they are also seeing a change. A plan of service has been developed for the citizens of Huntsville including; brush chipped, garbage pickup, right of way cleared, free streetlights, cheaper sewer with existing, free inspection services, and drain cleaning services. In addition to those services, most people find their homeowner’s insurance is lower due to the close proximity to a Fire Department.

“People are starting to see all the benefits the citizens of Huntsville get, and they want to be a part of it,” Jeffers said. “You get a lot of bang for your buck.”

Annexation has long been a negative word, evoking fear in the streets, however, in Huntsville, homes are being annexed by request only. The first of many requested Annexations began in the city of Huntsville last week. Growth in the city’s population is just beginning to increase as citizens are realizing the benefits of coming into the city far outweigh the cost. According to Jeffers, the town has had several people living within the area’s large urban growth boundary, but they were not citizens of Huntsville. The cost to be annexed is nothing, and the tax rate is one of the lowest around at fifty cents on the dollar per 100,000 dollars of property assessed. For most, the price of garbage pickup cost more than their city taxes would.  Although the process is simple and beneficial to most Jeffers wants to ensure the people that annexation is by request only.

“I can’t stress it enough,” Jeffers stated. “We are annexing homes by request only. No-one is being forced to come into the city of Huntsville.”

Jeffers is pleased with the growth and foresees the numbers to increase due to the city’s large urban growth boundary. With the increase, the city becomes more attractive to retail and restaurants. Jeffers believes the town could sustain an additional two fast-food chains.

“Huntsville is trying to grow number-wise,” Jeffers said. “That’s what the annexation is all about, but it is all voluntary.”