Vending machine bandit stopped cold

A Kentucky man has been arrested after authorities found pop machine keys and burglary tools in his vehicle.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Officer Chad Jones, Oneida Police Department, Nicholas Price, 30, of Waynesburg, KY, was arrested on November 7, 2017 when officers found burglary tools and pop machine keys in his vehicle.

Initially a white Chevy Blazer, driven by Price, and matching the description of a vehicle breaking into pop machines in Scott County, was seen parked at TNT Carwash in Oneida.  Sergeant Steve Trammell, Oneida Police Department, pulled into the business to talk with the driver about the burglaries.

Allegedly, Price sped away from the business and was unable to be stopped by police for more than a mile when the vehicle finally halted in front of the Fast Pace Urgent Care Clinic, where officers report they forced him to stop by getting in front of him.  Upon first request, Price gave officers a fake name of Cody Crowe, which came back as suspended. However, authorities did positively identify him as Nicholas Price when they ran the vehicles registration and matched it to a picture sent by the Scott County Dispatch.  At this point, officers say Price admitted to giving them a wrong name and consented to having his vehicle searched.

Twelve pop machine keys were found hidden between the passenger seat and center console. Additionally, officers found a crow bar, bolt cutters, and a tire tool. Price then told officers that he had knowledge of the burglaries, but wouldn’t give information unless he wasn’t arrested.

Price was charged with giving false information to an officer, driving on a suspended license, and possession of burglary tools.