Woman accused of stealing medication from elderly lady



An Oneida woman is facing charges after authorities say she stole an elderly woman’s pain pills.

Jennifer Walker, 32, of Oneida was arrested Monday, October 30, and charged with knowingly exploiting an adult and theft under $500. According to an arrest warrant filed by Detective Lisa Anderson, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Walker stole 17 Oxycodone pills from a woman she had been hired to care for.

Allegedly, Walker had been working in the victim’s home on October 16, 2017, when she took the pills, which were beside of the bed, while the victim was sleeping. According to victim’s statements, Walker was seen in the bedroom that day with an antique item in her hands where the victim kept her medication. The victim reports waking up and seeing Walker at her bedside with the antique item in her hands. Walker was then asked why she was holding the item, allegedly Walker answered nervously and put the item back in its place. The victim reported the incident to another caregiver that evening after Walker had left. The pills were counted, and 17 were found to be missing.

The victim’s family also reported to police that prior to this incident, another incident had occurred the day before, during Walker’s shift. Three pills had also been found missing from the victim’s pill cups, but her family wanted to be sure before filing a report.

Nichole Judy, Walker’s supervisor, filed the police report, and terminated Walker’s employment on October 17. Walker was not licensed by the State of Tennessee, but if found guilty will be added to the adult abuse registry. Walker was released Monday on a ten thousand dollar bond. She is set to appear in court on November 1, at 9a.m.